“Your meeting doesn’t get covered unless it blows up.”

We’ve been inundated with the overblown, sensationalized “debate” over health care reform. Wonder why?  An interesting comment attributed to a news stringer for national news, speaking to a U. S. Congressperson: “Your meeting doesn’t get covered unless it blows up.”

I find the whole thing pretty fascinating, it seems as if the Health Care Lobbyists have commissioned a full scale PsyOps mission against their subscribers and potential subscribers. Soon they’ll be dropping leaflets from airplanes over our homes trying to convince us that being a Democrat is the first step on the road to socialism. (What was it we used to fight for? Demo.. Democ.. oh yeah, Democracy! I remember that!)

Want to hear more about the title comment?  Check out this site from the Honorable George Miller, Chairman of the Committee on Education and Labor.

And if you want to know how what’s being proposed in the Health Care Bill applies to you, try out this interactive reality check. If you’re more into digging things out for yourself, try out America’s Affordable Health Choices Act for the whole story.

Exercise your democratic rights, and your patriotism, become informed, your country needs you.