A Step By Step Guide to Touring The Australian Standing Stones

The Australian Standing Stones -Step by Step Guide

Map of the Australian Standing Stones

Great Britain has hundreds of mysterious stone circles and they are found, too, in Britany, in coastal France – but the Australian Standing Stones in Glen Innes are probably the first of their kind built anywhere in the world for 3500 years.

They are also unique in the southern hemisphere and reflect Glen Innes’s heritage where the first settlers, largely Scots, arrived in 1838.

The Stones are the official national monument to Australia’s Celtic pioneers and venue for the annual Australian Celtic Festival.

The ancient Celts raised stones as calendars to mark the seasons – when to sow, when to harvest – and they later developed religious significance. Strange myths and legends surround the stones in Europe and while no such claims are made for the Australian Standing Stones, some visitors have felt a powerful, spiritual, influence as they walked through the array.

The Australian Standing Stones comprise 40 granite monoliths. Of these, there is a circle of 24 stones representing 24 hours of the day, three central stones, four cardinal stones marking true north, east, south and west, and seven stones marking summer and winter solstices, the longest and shortest days of the year.

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