We Will Not DIE QUIETLY! Sign the Survival Pact #350

Sign the Survival Pact

Earlier this week, President Nasheed–the leader of a low-lying nation faced with the very real threat of imminent extinction due to rising seas–delivered a powerful speech and called for a “survival pact.” Read the whole speech at the bottom of this page.

Now, with just a month to go before the UN talks in Copenhagen, we must stand together.  All of us, from presidents and politicians to scientists and citizens, must seize this moment and take this movement for survival to the next level.

Can you join this bold call for climate action by signing the survival pact below? 350.org team members will deliver your names and messages in person to President Nasheed at the Copenhagen Climate Talks.

Sign up, and then get up and do something! It’s not that hard, and it really is that important.

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