For Aspiring Writers and Photograhers: SEED.COM – Where Your Content Flourishes

You might be a writer. A photographer. A filmmaker. Or all three. No matter where your talent lies, there’s a place for it on SEED. The urge to create something lives in all of us. There’s nothing quite like unearthing your passions, expressing them, being heard, and having your work be appreciated. We can help you do all of that. All you have to do is keep imagining.

In a way, creating is the easy part. Finding a place for your work to live is the challenge. But thanks to our extensive network of web sites like Moviefone, Spinner, and others within the AOL network, your ideas could be showcased on some of the most entertaining, informative, and vibrant destinations on the Internet. Sites that reach over 100 million people around the world each month. Your work is original. Shouldn’t it be featured in places equally as original?

Creating is rewarding, but we can make it really rewarding. That’s because we can actually pay you for your work. Answer an assignment we list and you can get paid. Post your own work at a price you determine and you can get worldwide exposure and attract an audience. Or let us find a place for your work on our expansive content network of hundreds of web sites. Just set up an account and get paid. It’s that easy.

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