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Take Note MMORPG folks, especially WOW people, this one’s for you! How about a little inspiration for your Friday morning, folks? It doesn’t get much better than Jane McGonigal’s talk at last month’s TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference.  The 20-minute video is after the jump; a full viewing is highly recommended. But here’s the gist […]

Media Manipulation Illusion Example

Edit 2010 03 15: It’s always difficult to show where my thoughts begin and end on these Posterous blog updates… perhaps I should stop using it and find a better blog distribution tool. For clarification, I found this post by Vurdlak over on the site and thought it depicted the Orwellian nature of our […]

A Brief History of Senate Reconciliation Votes

A Brief History of Senate Reconciliation Votes By Paul Blumenthal on 03/03/10 @ 5:06 pm | 0 Comments Tags: Budget Reconciliation, data, health care, Health Care Reform, Reconciliation, Senate, votes As Democrats move forward to pass health care reform attention has focused on a key piece of Senate rules known as budget reconciliation. This post […]