Fukushima Nuclear Accident – 16 March update (via BraveNewClimate)

Amid all the media spawned frenzy there has been a small voice calmly laying out well vetted information and providing knowledgeable insight into the realities of the nuclear power plant accidents caused by Japan’s magnitude 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

When the Guardian and others were screaming about “100,000s fleeing from nuclear horror”, this site provided clear, thoughtful analysis of the current situation as only professionals can provide.

If you’re into lots of drama, engineers “giving their lives for their country” and all the other horse shit that has been masquerading as news lately, just keep your dial tuned to your infotainment of choice.

If, on the other hand, you are truly interested in grasping what’s happening on the ground at the Fukushima power stations, you need to visit Brave New climate.

Fukushima Nuclear Accident - 16 March update This is an update of the situation as of 10 am JST Wednesday 16 March. (For background on events of 15 March and earlier, start with this post and its included links.) Note that this is a blog, not a news website, and thus the following analysis, like all others on BraveNewClimate, is a mixture of news and opinion — but facts remain paramount. First, the situation is clearly (but slowly) stabilising. As each day passes, the amount of thermal hea … Read More

via BraveNewClimate