I know you want your $5 and undoubtedly won’t read this email response, so it’s going up on my blogs. At least there I will have the pleasure of knowing that this wasn’t totally ignored, and one or two people may read it and say, “Yeah, I agree”.

As an individual Barack Obama has done fantastic, revolutionary things.  It may be that the cost of achieving those things required him to make deals with the various devils of Capitol Hill, I don’t know.  I do know that I respect the accomplishments of Barack Obama and will always admire him.

I know that the office of the President of the United States ranges in difficulty from Highly Unlikely on the “good days” to Completely and Utterly Impossible on the “bad days”. I have a reasonable idea of how many sacrifices had to be made just to get to the Oval Office to begin with. I firmly believe it was a miracle to move a black man into the West Wing under any circumstances. I feel that I’ve stood behind, defended, and where possible supported this phenomenal figure for the last 4 years, from the campaign to our present crossroads.  I want to continue to provide support, but in good conscience I cannot.

For most of the last year President Obama’s sense of fair play and bi-partisanship has been abused by social and political extremists from both sides of the aisle. Democrats have served him poorly, frequently betrayed him, and Republicans have mostly been utterly barbaric. The “news media” has played things unfairly, with many journalists selling their integrity for paychecks. The “Big Names” in the media like Hannity or Beck make huge salaries by pretending to be just ordinary folk. Ordinary millionaires. Puppets. Unfortunately they were made a force to be reckoned with by profuse bankrolling from monopolists.

Nothing has been fair.  Like the Onion commented back in 2008, “It just goes to show you that, in this country, a black man still can’t catch a breakhttp://www.theonion.com/articles/black-man-given-nations-worst-job,6439/ And that’s pretty much how it’s been since the end of 2009.

However I no longer believe that the President is looking out for people like me, who constitute what is probably the majority of voting Americans. I’m not white, I’m not rich, I don’t have huge political influence. My politics doesn’t neatly fit on someone’s sheet of paper, it doesn’t have a standard label.  I’m staring at my rapidly approaching senior years with the prospect of working full time until I die. I must consider myself fortunate because I do still have a job. Any hope of retirement left with the Bank and Real Estate bailouts. I managed to stay afloat, pay my bills, take care of my unemployed family members until they could find some way to get back on their feet again. I went further into debt and eliminated 80% of any assets I had managed to set aside. But I’m not bankrupt, I can still pay my bills as long as I can hang on to my job, and my adult children are starting to be able to make their way forward again.

The biggest motivator I have these days is to stay employed and hang on to my health benefits, for myself and my spouse. There is no option for National Insurance for people like me, and if the Democrats and the President cave on Medicare and Social Security as they are signaling, I won’t even get back a fraction of my contributions for the last 40 years.  I’ll simply have been paying for the comfort of my predecessors. I’m part of the last, ragged tatters of the Middle Class.

I really do believe that a profile like that does fit most of the 98% of Americans who aren’t filthy, irresponsibly rich. I’m pretty average.

I’ve lived to watch my homeland finally shake loose from racism, working toward a society that really practices “one person, one vote”. But since the turn of this millennium, “one person, one vote” has become “one dollar, one vote”. Our representatives seem to be “the best legislators money can buy”. Even the Supreme Court, an institution I had never, never doubted has succumbed to bribes and partisanship.

I had hope that President Obama would commit, would stand up and make a change happen, to be willing to be a single term President in order to accomplish what he proclaimed to us all, to fight off the encroaching darkness of Corporate Fascism. No, it started that way, and perhaps it was originally a desire for community and bi-partisanship.  But, I grew up in Missouri, in a small town, where “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me” is considerably more than an old saw. At this point Mr. President, Shame on You. You’ve either succumbed, or you’ve been fooled a lot more than twice.

So no, Mr. President, I won’t be contributing $5 before midnight. I suspect I may not be contributing anything to any Democrat this year. I feel like the DNC and the DCCC have sold me and people like me “down the river.” If you don’t know what that means, go read some Mark Twain.

I heard a joke that pretended to be a rumour the other day. It seems to fit far too well.

“I hear that they’ve set up Police checkpoints all around the Capitol Beltway. The officers check for party affiliation. If they find a Democrat that appears to have a spine they immediately have it removed, on the spot.”

You guys have been through too many checkpoints.

On 6/29/2011 10:09 AM, Barack Obama wrote:


We’re closing the books on the first fundraising quarter of the 2012 race at midnight tomorrow.A lot of folks will be interpreting our numbers as a measure of this campaign’s support.

They’re not wrong, but they are wrong about why.

We measure our success not in dollars but in people — in the number of everyday Americans who’ve chosen to give whatever they can afford because they know we’ve got more work to do.

I’m asking you to be one of them. Please donate $5 or more before midnight tonight:


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