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Dear friend,

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney did something amazing at
the Iowa State Fair yesterday. He actually told the truth about
his views on Corporate Personhood.

Colbert Report: Mitt Romney, Civil Rights Hero

Click to play clip.

He’s taking a lot of flak for it, but we want to thank Mitt for
being honest about his true loyalties in a time when so many
politicians are trying to hide the truth. Americans deserve to
know where candidates stand on the illegitimate doctrine of
Corporate Personhood.

Can you help us thank Mitt by contributing to the Move
to Amend campaign in his name? Click here.

We’ll even send him a thank you card to let him know how
much you appreciate his honesty.

More importantly, your contribution will help us build
a movement powerful enough to abolish Corporate
Personhood through a constitutional amendment.

Democracy means “the people rule.” But how can we truly
rule when corporations are allowed to buy elections and so
many politicians won’t even admit that there’s a problem?

Click here to help. Together we can build a movement
that politicians have to answer to.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and your sense of humor.

Ben Manski, David Cobb, George Friday, Laura Bonham,
Nancy Price, Matt Nelson and Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap

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