Another stunt from Cato. Instead of taking their own position, they’re trying to pass off false information in a format that mimics the real thing. If they had a real case why not stand up and put it out there to be reviewed on its own merit? Obviously because it won’t pass muster, so they try to slip everyone a ringer, just like the “Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine” or the “Heartland Institute”.

Global Warming: Man or Myth?

Which of the $20 bills below is real and which is counterfeit?

What if I were to tell you that the one on the left was provided by a member of the United States Treasury and had the endorsement of virtually every currency expert on the planet? What if I told you that the one on the right was passed by a guy who has a history of deception and that virtually every currency expert thinks the one on the right is fake?

I am guessing that you think the one on the left is real and the one on the right is a fake because you considered the credibility of the people who passed that bill to you.

Now keep your “credibility eyes” open when Patrick Michaels tries to pass you a counterfeit document that is supposed to make you and our elected officials believe climate change is not a major concern…

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