Margaret Thatcher on Climate Change and Environment

I have to agree with Peter here, in fact the second line from his blog is what moved me to reblog this one.

Where did my Republicans go? Why did they abandon their values and become the “stupid” party?

It’s very sad… but the video is very informative.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

This is the full CSpan version. My eyes get moist listening, not because I miss Ms. Thatcher, I had no special fondness for her, but because I miss what we once had in pre-Fox America –  a dialogue with intelligent conservatives who took the time to actually think, feel, reason, and deduct. A common set of basic human values, and a respect for fact and science.

Can you imagine a contemporary Republican making glowing mention of Darwin? (first 5 minutes)


It’s 36 minutes. Worth playing in the background, or if you don’t have time, see the Yale video I produced using this footage,  and commentary below in another post.

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