Sec. Hagel: Climate Change and Realizing the Asia-Pacific Rebalance

Those who follow this blog already know that the military leadership has recognized Climate Change as one of the greatest threats against western civilization since the Black Death was sweeping across western Asia and Europe. I am very hopeful to see that Secretary Hagel continues to acknowledge this threat and I look forward to more effort from the world’s military establishment to address and prepare for the problems that are coming.

The Center for Climate & Security

130529-D-BW835-174 Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is currently in the middle of a tour meeting with 13 defense ministers from across the Asia-Pacific region. Part of the message he will be bringing with him involves the role that climate change plays in the security of the region. Just yesterday, military and defense leaders from our Advisory Board applauded Sec. Hagel for his attention to climate change at the ASEAN defense ministers meeting.

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