About this pale blue dot

I think that the Apollo 8 astronauts, as well as Carl Sagan, gave us the best illustration of why we can’t pretend that we are gods, and why we must master the art of living in a small, limited world.

Our Small Blue Dot
Our home is a small blue dot, floating in space. An atmosphere wraps the dot in a protective blanket, keeping it warm, holding in vital water, providing the most basic needs of life. This same thin blanket, about as thick as a skin is on an apple, also keeps out “invaders”, lethal radiation, falling rocks, space debris. What it can’t keep out it buffers us against as much as it can.



But it’s very, very thin. A complex structure mashed down into a mere wisp that stands between us and certain doom.

This blog is about that narrow zone where people can survive and prosper, and how we’re affecting that zone.


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