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Let’s be plain about this… I put things up here to share views, and to a limited degree, engage in intelligent dialogue. The limit on the dialogue is mostly my time. I am not interested in the “drive by” comment, or the bot attack. Trolls get kicked immediately, and I get to decide what I think is a troll. None of which is subject to debate.

If you have something useful to contribute concerning a post, it will be posted. If it’s incoherent raving, no matter how much you may believe what your saying, it gets dumped.

Every new poster must be approved for the first post, no exceptions. If you’re approved for the first time, you’re welcome to post again, it should go up automatically.

It’s pretty simple. Be polite, be coherent, and I’ll do my best to comment when I have time. Be otherwise and you get blocked.

As an old friend of mine said so profoundly, “If you don’t like it, you can’t have any!”

And some BoilerPlate:

I found this over at ZDNet from GreenTech Pastures: Harry Fuller and Heather Clancy

This verbiage will now be attached to any blog I do about global warming. It’s amazing to me that somebody who can apparently read and then post comments still wonders in public why global warming matters on a technology web site. But I am naive, always assuming everybody’s paying attention.
It’s because of money. If global warming has enough acceptance among corporations, the public and even pols, there will be more money spent on green tech, wisely or unwisely. If oil prices stay low and most people don’t care a fig about global warming, green tech will have a difficult time succeeding, regardless of its merits. Not every good idea succeeds. VCs usually invest where they think there’s best chance for a good return. In greentech as in any tech the winners will often be determined by luck, brilliance, timing, happenstance and even marketing. Behind it all will be the money and behind that: whether the evidence for global warming and curtailing pollution drive action or is written off as claptrap.

This is so painfully true that I couldn’t just move on, I feel some need to underscore the cynical, arbitrary nature of what’s happening these days as well… we’ll see what I come up with.


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