Worth Watching: Climate Change

Subject: Global Climate Disruption

I know there will be people quibbling over what to call Climate change, along with the yo-yos who claim the “warmists” keep changing the name like they change the story. The problem is that the story hasn’t really changed, and the name has never been too accurate. Have a look in the Glossary page if you want a longer description of why the discussion is just a time waster.


After the Warming

After the Warming (1989)
After the Warming (1989)

A two part TV episode produced by the BBC and released in 1989, which turns out to be fairly prescient. James Burke, of Connections fame addressed a subject that was relatively unknown to the public, Climate Change. Using the technology available at the time Burke provides a run-down on what Climate Change would do to societies, and explaining the basics of Greenhouse Gases and why they’re a problem.