Who Founded Greenpeace? Not Patrick Moore.

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Once again the crowd over in climate contrarian land has promoted someone who makes inflated claims about his past to bolster his public profile.

Lord “Crazy Pants” Monckton is a shining example for all future resume padders out there. Yes indeed, he was a minor hereditary “Lord”, with no real affiliation with UK governance or policy, but he still claims to be a member of the House of Lords, in spite of cease and desist orders published by that august body.

Now we have Patrick Moore trying to claim that he “co-founded” Greenpeace. The fact is that he’s been playing the long con to earn his bread and board for nearly 20 years. Have a look:

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Greg Laden’s Blog:

Patrick Moore is a Hippie for Hire. He makes the claim that he co-founded Greenpeace, and charges a fee to show up at conferences or other venues, or sit on boards, to provide a story that anti-environmentalists, global warming deniers, and others, like to hear. The part where he takes your money to lie, as far as I can tell, is true. The part about how he co-founded Greenpeace is apparently not true.

Here’s what Greenpeace has to say about Patrick Moore:

Patrick Moore, a paid spokesman for the nuclear industry, the logging industry, and genetic engineering industry, frequently cites a long-ago affiliation with Greenpeace to gain legitimacy in the media. Media outlets often either state or imply that Mr. Moore still represents Greenpeace, or fail to mention that he is a paid lobbyist and not an independent source…

For more than 20 years, Mr. Moore…

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Yes, I know, another new theme

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I’m constantly trying to figure out how to make this blog readable. The recent habit rolling around the blogosphere that puts text over the top of snowy white backgrounds is probably fine for some, but my old (soon to be ancient) eyes can’t tolerate the glare. It’s just too bright. However something is different, since the last theme I was using has become too dark. (Can we say “cataracts” anyone?)

So I’m trying this canary yellow theme, hoping it becomes a good compromise. If you see another change soon, it’s probably a sign of glare induced fatigue, or irritation with yellow birds. 

Just another natural variation, they said.

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Just another natural variation, they said.

Yep, “natural”. Heat the oceans, heat the air, get more water into the air. It’s only natural that it’s gotta dump somewhere.

Quadrennial Homeland Security Review: Climate Change Poses Strategically Significant Risk

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So, DoD, the IC, Department of State, Department of Energy, and the vast majority of national scientific bodies have taken a position that Climate Change (Global Warming if you prefer) is a source of massive disruption around the world. And here is the Department of Homeland Security addressing it in their Quadrennial Review.

These are not frivolous organizations, they’re committing serious effort into preparing for all of the consequences that will be arriving in the next 10 years. No, it’s not the end of the century any more. Wake up!

Originally posted on The Center for Climate & Security:

Flag_of_the_United_States_Department_of_Homeland_Security.svgThe Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR) was released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on June 18, and it takes a hard look at the security risks of a changing climate.

Most significantly, climate change appears in the QHSR’s section on “Prevailing Challenges that Pose the Most Strategically Significant Risk” on page 28.  In that context, “natural hazards…with increasingly variable consequences due in part to drivers such as climate change and interdependent and aging infrastructure”

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Briefing and Infographic: Climate Change Implications for Defence

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The military from around the world is telling us that climate change is a threat multiplier, and they’re taking every action that the political establishment does not block to prepare. How about we put some pressure on the politicos to “encourage” them to help fund these preparations. Perhaps we could explain to the politicians that ignoring climate change is a threat multiplier aimed straight at their political ambitions.

Originally posted on The Center for Climate & Security:

Tarbela_Dam_Pakistan_during_the_2010_floodsA short and accessible briefing and infographic on climate change implications for global security has just been released by the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change, the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, and the Institute for Environmental Security. Authored by Brigadier General (ret) Wendell Christopher King, Ph.D – Dean of US Army Command and General Staff College – it highlights five key ways in which the effects of climate change threaten global security:

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Katharine Hayhoe: How to Talk to Evangelicals About Climate

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In the world I have lived in, this is called “taking away your excuses”.

Dr. Hayhoe is providing a clear minded, coherent way to think about the field of science, how it interacts with faith and religion, and how this bears on climate science.

If you perceive a conflict in these areas (I do not) then this is a great place to start your journey into a more coherent view of existence.

Seriously, if you have any question at all, read on!

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, newly minted member “Time’s 100 Most Influential People” club, in an interview with Chris Mooney –  on how to talk to your evangelical friends and relatives about climate.

Full audio of Interview at link.

Chris Mooney in Mother Jones:

From our interview, here are five of Hayhoe’s top arguments, for evangelical Christians, on climate change:

1. Conservation is Conservative. The evangelical community isn’t just a religious community, it’s also a politically conservative one on average. So Hayhoe speaks directly to that value system. “What’s more conservative than conserving our natural resources, making sure we have enough for the future, and not wasting them like we are today?” she asks. “That’s a very conservative value.”

Indeed, many conservatives don’t buy into climate science because they don’t like the “Big Government” solutions they suspect the problem entails. But Hayhoe has an answer ready for that one too: Conservative-friendly…

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Here’s a wind turbine you can toss in your purse

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Now here’s a great opportunity. Check it out.

Originally posted on Grist:

Hate it when a strong breeze musses your hair without generating any electricity? Same. So the Trinity portable wind turbine is a welcome invention, in addition of reminding us of The Matrix.

trinity-portable-wind-turbine© Skajaquoda

Trinity will love he who is The One is only 12 inches tall when collapsed, so it can slip into your bag or backpack. Whip it out and it extends to 23 inches high, with three aluminum legs. Adds Treehugger:

The device has three wind blades (a Savonius design) that can be folded into the body of the device for transport, and open up when deployed, which spin a 15W generator and charge a 15,000 mAh battery when the wind is blowing.

It can charge your phone and other gadgets via a USB port, and at four pounds, the thing probably weighs less than your laptop. Donating $249 to the Kickstarter campaign will get…

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